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ENT concerns are among the top reasons patients are seen at the doctor’s office. This is why at Spokane Ear, Nose & Throat, our physicians are ready to evaluate and treat whatever you may be experiencing, whether it’s a sinus infection, sleep apnea or cancerous tumors. (509) 624-2326 As a division of Columbia Surgical Specialists, Surgical Specialists of Spokane adheres to the same rigorous standards of exceptional care. We offer a wide range of surgical services and work with patients in the greater Spokane area.

(509) 747-6194
The Columbia Hearing Center is dedicated to providing top services for those experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus or a balance disorder. Our hearing experts and advanced technology allow us to deliver accurate diagnostics and effective treatment.

(509) 789-1020

Our Speciality Surgical Centers

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  • Cataldo
  • Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center
  • North Nevada
  • Spokane Valley
  • Urogynecology Center
  • Breast Center
  • South Hill
  • Rural Services
Phone: (509) 624-2326
Fax:(509) 744-3040
Email: information@spokaneent.com

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