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Pediatric Hearing Test

Hearing tests used on children vary slightly from those used on adults. Depending on the age of the child, objective tests must be used since young children cannot vocalize what they can and cannot hear. Pure-tone testing, auditory brainstem response evaluations and otoacoustic emissions are the most common testing methods for children.

Pediatric Tonsils & Adenoids

The tonsils and adenoids are part of the lymphatic system and serve as defenders of the immune system, protecting your body by preventing germs and bacteria from entering through your mouth and nose. Occasionally, they will develop problems themselves, requiring the attention of an ENT specialist. Infection of the tonsils and adenoids are common childhood illness, striking those between the ages of 5 and 15 most often.

Pediatric Ear & Hearing

Pediatric audiology is the study and treatment of hearing loss in infants, toddlers and children. Our experts evaluate and treat children of all developmental stages. Our goal is to detect and treat hearing loss and other ear-related disorders in children as early as possible. Since our team consists of both audiologists and ENTs, we can care for your child’s whole hearing health.

Pediatric Allergy

Allergy and sinus conditions are common in children, whose sinuses continue to develop well into the teen years. Allergy and sinus symptoms are similar, making a proper diagnosis a bit challenging. Symptoms of allergy and sinus conditions include runny nose, sneezing, stuffiness, coughing, sore throat, wheezing, headaches, snoring and itchy eyes and nose. When your child is diagnosed with allergies and avoiding the allergen trigger isn’t possible, treatment consists of a variety of medications or immunotherapy

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