Columbia Surgical Specialists

Frederick P. French


General Surgery

Frederick P. French, MD, FACS

My name is Fred French and I am a board-certified general surgeon. I completed my residency in general surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Following graduation, I served in the US Navy and was deployed to Afghanistan as a combat surgeon. I also hold a degree in medical management from the University of Washington. For those Coug fans out there, please do not hold this against me.

My practice encompasses all areas of general surgery. I have special interests in robotic surgery including robotic hernia repair.  I also perform various in-office procedures including removal of lipomas and other lumps and bumps. Some of my patients have referred to me as the “Pimple Popper MD of Spokane.” I love performing surgery, but the best part of my job is interacting with the friendly people of this great community!

I have active privileges at Sacred Heart, Holy Family Hospital, and Deaconess. I also provide Trauma and Emergency Surgical Care at Sacred Heart Medical Center, the only Level II Trauma center in Eastern Washington.