Hearing aids have evolved tremendously. Wearers today are able to remain engaged in their daily activities without isolation that is often experienced through hearing loss. Advancements in technology allow users to seamlessly connect to their everyday electronics, including the television, cellular phones and other wireless devices.

One-type-fits-all hearing aids are a thing of the past. Today’s hearing aids are dynamic in fit, style, size, shape and function. Different types of hearing aids offer wearers different features and benefits. Because the world of hearing aids has become so diverse, getting hearing aids from a professional is vital to ensuring patients enjoy the full benefits of their devices.

We are a licensed dispenser of hearing aids and accessories, allowing our patients to get a complete range of hearing services within our modern specialty hearing center. Once their hearing loss has been assessed and diagnosed, we will work directly with them to choose the perfect pair of hearing devices for their needs. Once we have determined which hearing aids are right for
the patient, we will order the devices, which will be custom created for their ears.

  • Expert knowledge. Choosing the best hearing aid isn’t as easy as selecting a product from a list. Only a professional Hearing Instrument Specialist has the breadth and depth of knowledge to help patients select their ideal pair of hearing devices. The Hearing Instrument Specialists at Columbia Hearing Centers are here to help them during every step of the hearing aid selection process.
  • Counseling services. For most people, adjusting to life with hearing aids doesn’t happen overnight. Since the process of adapting to hearing aids can be challenging, counseling services are an important part of adapting to life with hearing devices. Our expert staff understands what the patient is going through and is here to help them learn about life with hearing aids so they can acclimate to their devices comfortably.
  • Careful fitting. Each pair of new hearing aids will be custom fitted to the patient’s ears; however, adjustments are still necessary for optimal hearing device performance. When hearing aids are purchased directly from the professionals at Columbia Hearing Centers, patients can expect careful and continuous care throughout the entire fitting and follow-up process.
  • Precise adjustments. As the patient adapts to life with hearing aids, they will need to adjust their devices occasionally in order to keep their hearing aids working optimally. To keep up with maintenance and adjustments within the days, weeks, months and even years after the patient purchases their hearing devices, they will need the expert help of our professional staff.
  • Accessory assistance. Today’s hearing aid technology is phenomenal, but it’s still necessary to pair hearing devices with hearing aid accessories to be able to listen clearly in certain situations. When patients get their hearing aids with the help of Columbia Hearing Centers, they will also learn more about which accessories may pair well with their devices to improve hearing in large groups, noisy restaurants, movie theaters and other challenging locations.


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