Hearing aids are the most effective and common treatment option for patients of all ages with most types of hearing loss. Since the language and social skills of children are not fully developed, getting the highest quality sound possible delivered to your child’s ear is a top priority.

Getting treatment for a child with hearing loss as early as possible is vital to their developmental, learning and behavioral abilities. Treatment options will be based on the type, severity and frequency of your child’s hearing loss.

While there are several styles of hearing aids for adults, children are typically fitted with behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids. BTE hearing aids have a casing, which sits behind the ear and houses all the electronics. The hearing aid is attached to a custom earmold with a short length of clear tubing. The earmold itself sits in the concha or bowl of the ear and extends into the ear canal. The mold ensures delivery of the amplified sound into the ear canal and helps hold the hearing aid in place. Due to their reliability and versatility, they are considered the best option for children since the development of their speech and language skills is a higher priority than cosmetic concerns.

Along with your child’s hearing aids, there are a number of important accessories that can improve their language and learning. Most notably are Roger or FM systems that overcome the negative impact distance and noise can have on children hearing a parent or classroom teacher.